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The Beholder of Fire – Lyrics

Story Teller: Adventure comes

This would be a story of an unusual nature

In which a shunned boy adopts himself a father

Or was it the other way around?

The answer is yet to be found

Adventures come to those who dare

Comfort is for the dreads to share

Peril, passion, abyss and desire

Behold! The beholder of fire 

Story Teller: Villain & Saint

Our story actually begins in its end

The son and the father are together in faith

Choices were made and all ransom was paid

Yet one dream had not enough time to fade

Does it really have to be like this?

The things one may possess are what the other is bound to miss

Should all this compassion go down in vain?

Must there be a villain for every saint?

TC 1

Three thousands miles

Above the Earth

On a shaded foggy mountain

Wheels of time

Meet eternity line

No sun above

To brighten my days

In this never ending winter

No sounds of paradise

But the chilly laughter of hell

I wake up every morning

Look out of my window

See the valley of the human race

Eyeless faces cutting their way

Toward dead end roads

As hard as I’m trying

There doesn’t seem to be a way

For me to work it out

Images of homeland

Pictures of dreams

Keeps coming back

And there he limbs

Up the path

Back from a tiring daily journey

Blood in his pockets

Death in his eyes

Every time I pleaded for the reason

He would rise from his chair

Son, I have to

That’s my part in this play

And there were times

I’ve asked to leave

I saw how sorrow wrinkled his forehead

Go if you please

I’ll be here when we break

Had he ever called my name

I’d climb back these walls

To near him

To hold his hand

Meet Me By Dawn

A new morning’s light

Is climbing on my bed

A cold sleepless night

Has reached its end

Ten more cigarettes

Through the next long hour

And a dry Jin glass

To put out my fire

So many mistakes

To many wrong moves

Only wanted to understand

Was tired of being confused

Asked all the questions

I could think about

Gave all the answers

Babe I left no doubt

See my power I rule it so well

Have I reached heaven or is it hell

My eyes are dripping slowly

Sharp pain through my head

Frozen sweat is covering my body

Watch my fantasy fade

Days are falling numbered

And I’m acing my existence

Yesterday has never ended

Keep caring me restless

The scream of facts

Terrifies my thoughts

Feeling lonely and scared

Surrounded by old known walls

See the red spots on my pillow

Familiar faces in the shadow

The piano is playing gently

Sad music to my ears

I get closer till I feel you with me

And then you disappear

Tears are drying

And you can read it on my face

Everything equals nothing

And the rest even less

Notes and words up on my desk

Living evidence to my death

Meet me by dawn Angel

Against the sunrise

I’ll be there above the rainbow

Lost in empty dark sky

Story Teller: He who Arises in Might

Meet me by dawn angel says he

Not knowing who would that angel be

Yet that angel is not known to escape a chance

To prove his point and force his own sense

Our boy is crushed and the time was right

To rebuilt his soul and bring out the light

Shame and fault shall turn to glory

As He arises in might to claim his fury

TC3 (Dialog)

I was down on Earth many years ago

There you were in colors of black

Frustrated with pain and anxiety

Yet I saw the strength in your eyes

Held out my hands and I reached you

Gently placed you on top of my knees

With my own hands I have fed you

And my blood was your water to drink

Abandoned poor boy

Black curls down my eyes

To be held and be loved

This is all for I’ve asked

Sing me the song

Of that glorious tune

That was played years ago

When the sun hung above

Oh don’t give me that lecture of beauty

Child, I’ve been through it all

Must I fall for your devastations?

And demolish what ever is left

Give me your hand

Hold me tight

For I’m terrified

I’ll be your truly devoted dear son

I feel so lost in this land of horror

Sentenced for life in your hand

Boy I don’t understand why you’re filled with remorse

Bad conscience is not made for us

So remember what you’ve forgotten

And forget what you’ve memorized

Your mind work is forbidden

Your footsteps are furious and mad

With my fire you’ll see it all clearer

For I’ve made you with my flesh and soul

Yes my power runs in your blood

To the end we won’t be apart

Story Teller: Anger & Rage

Years went by and our boy is the weed

Every parent feared and every child cheered

Rains have come and the winds are gone

And our child is now almost fully grown

Misunderstood, misguided and mistreated

Coming short of everything he ever needed

Like a loose cannon, a tiger out of its cage

Now comes anger, now comes rage

Guilty as Hell

Just an alley cat street boy

That’s all I am

You’d better hide your children

Here I go again

You will come around

When the heat is at hand

I’ll be there to provide you

The missing spell

Hear me grieving

Hiding silent tears

I will never cry out no more

See me bleeding

Feast on my skills

Don’t you know I’ll hold out your door?

I come before you

As naked as the wind

Flexible like rain clouds

Persistent as the sea

Forever what you’ve wished for

Yet not what you’d expect

You never stopped to doubt me

Guilty as hell

Howling memories

Knocking at my door

The beast is out there for hunt

Distant yearnings

Of the life before

Robed childhood in the dark

Blame it on me

I’d care no more

Tomorrow I’ll be wearing black

With my head up against the Wall

Clear as crystal

Sharp as thin glass

I never meant to harm babe

My wish was to last

Inspired as a young spring

Thunders crown my head

I’m all you have desired

Never what you dared

But now I’m weary

I’ve got to get some sleep

Mother, won’t you make my bed?

I feel so lonely

I’m in too deep

Father, won’t you take my hand?

Blame it on me

I’d care no more

Tomorrow I’ll be wearing black

With my head up against the Wall

Pain and misery

My dear old friends

Come now and nurse me

Again, I’m in your hands

It takes ever more medicine

For me to pretend

That I’m not this son of bitch

They so love to hate

The Carriers Theme

We were just the two of us in the dawn of times

It’s hard to believe but we were one of a kind

A minute older yet quicker to move

He took the roll of goodness and left me all the blues

Heaven or Earth comes falling down

I’m to be left to clean the mess behind

The lesser king I am, although the potent one

They want me as I come

In five thousands years, alone in the Void

You turn self sufficient, ruthless and cold

Devoted to my task in this life and the next

The activating power to this comedy of rats

In Stefan Haim Achasver or the book of Job

Bulgakov in Moscow, and the Silmarills of John

I’m the doer, I’m the maker, and I’m the ultimate One

They need me as I come

Dearest boy sweetest child of mine

What has become of you?

Drown your sorrow in my eyes

There is nothing I can’t consume

All together now…

Come to me baby, sing my tune

In glamorous loneliness, and shining solitude

Don’t you know we’ll make it, we always do

Forever I’m here for you

Dearest boy sweetest child of mine

What has become of you?

Drown your sorrow in my eyes

There is nothing I can’t consume

Story Teller: True Love

There are many things worth dying for

Yet much is the gain in living, more

Than anything in the world he would lust

Is to win her heart, to earn her trust

All things being equal, it is hard to let go

On a true love as found many years ago

Though she can’t make the journey to its full extent

Her love will follow him to his inevitable end


From the first words he had said

And the very first flame

I have forged the crown

Yours to wear

Chained to your tears

And bandaged with my sorrow

You chose your steps

Towards me

White horse and beard

Some may say I’ve tried too hard

They took you once

Yet they came for you again

Had your eyes fast tied

Lips were sealed

Left me sitting here

On the stairs down to earth

I’m the trembling light

At the rim of your dress

Nine fingers one ring

All my ships are sunk and gone

Come now take me

Home to the place I have longed for

I….y, it’s the flood of your beauty

I….y, I could never foretell

I was never prepared

Never could bare

I’ll be yours to spare

Like them bras you never wear

See how you’ll be mine girl

You’ll be mine girl, you’ll be mine

Don’t go buy

Your body from the night

I’ve undercut the deal

Prices are low

For I am darker

And I am cheap

And so my dear

Are you

Steel, glass, black gold

On I must go

Bare foot at storm

Bury my soul with your photos

Oh my love

Take that madness away from me

For it’s tearing my heart

And it’s all I could ever be

I… it’s the flood of your beauty

I… I could never foretell

I was never prepared

Never could bear

Pour me of that drink

And I will take you on my trip

Gay we’ll march on and we’ll deep in

Steams of whisky tips of death

Oh pour me so much more

And gather on my floor

And I will dance you to the end

Of your hunger and my draught

Story Teller: One dream

Choices were made and all ransom was paid

Yet one dream is still reluctant to fade

It should have been different, it still could be changed

The pure and the evil are the known and the strange

TC8 (The Dance)

Had he ever called my name

I’d climb back these walls

To near him

To hold his hand

And as for you

My dears on Earth

Your love is shimmering over burning oil

You held the innocent

Beautiful part of my life

Thousand shapeless fragments of my heart babe

Are now dust at your feet!

Don’t stone me

Don’t rock my grave

My lies make the truth no one can accept

My game is the reality no one can face

I, his adopted son

Guarded by the powers of evil

Make way to the everlasting beauty

For all these flowers

Growing to light on my yard

Here’s all my loving

In the name of the best part of me